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Scaling a Startup is Not About Pleasing the Unwashed Masses

Scaling a Startup is Not About Pleasing the Masses

If you want to scale your startup and connect with customers, try to unnerve people. Get their blood boiling. Infuriate them. Unleash emotional turbulence. Controversial notions and hot personalities attract people. Conversely, people slink away from cold logic and standardized, one-size-fits-all formulas. I know, it sounds counterintuitive. How can I build a business and create […]

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Structuring a Startup: The Holocratic Linchpin

Structuring a Startup with Linchpins: The Holocratic Model

The linchpin represents the hero of modern business, said Seth Godin. These creative upstarts desire to manage their own time and produce on their own accord, of their own volition. They don’t want to be subservient pawns to the authoritarian, managerial types. They want to buck the status quo and invent novel things. Individuals no […]

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