Scaling a Startup is Not About Pleasing the Masses

Scaling a Startup is Not About Pleasing the Unwashed Masses

If you want to scale your startup and connect with customers, try to unnerve people. Get their blood boiling. Infuriate them. Unleash emotional turbulence. Controversial notions and hot personalities attract people. Conversely, people slink away from cold logic and standardized, one-size-fits-all formulas.

I know, it sounds counterintuitive. How can I build a business and create a competent marketing strategy, if I am also upsetting my potential customers?

The Power of Authenticity

Here is the thing, potential customers don’t want to deal with businesses too afraid to be authentic. They also don’t want to read sales copy or “about” pages with copy-and-paste, lazily written claptrap. People desire stimulation. They also seek connection with other human beings, I.E. authenticity.

If you are trying to please everyone via your content marketing or business communications, it’s likely you are pleasing no one. It’s true, you may absolutely turn away some customers. However, the ones who resonate with your messaging will become subscribers, followers, groupies, and clients for life.

The Startup MVA

In marketing, there is a concept called minimum viable audience, or MVA. It suggests when you target a market, you also try to focus on the smallest group of clients who resonate with your offering. An article defined the concept:

A minimum viable audience is the smallest possible market you can serve and that can sustain your business as it grows.

The same mindset applies with all your business copy and messaging. You focus your considerations, thoughts, and provocative ideas around your specific audience. You cater to them and your business will grow as a result.

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As Seth Godin says, the people who don’t resonate with you aren’t your customers anyway. Talk to your people. Encourage them. Be with them. Don’t try to please the everyman. It will only subtract from your business.

The Pathfinders Way

At Pathfinders, we will help you discover new ways to communicate your message and uncover your MVA. We will also provide you with insights so you can clarify your messages and marketing campaigns. We will also remind you to be bold. Markets are not won by being bashful and reserved. They are won by having the courage to communicate with honesty and integrity, even if you don’t ingratiate yourself with every Dick and Jane in the world.