Cautious Winds Blow Through The Crypto Market — Here’s How To Capitalize

Anyone involved in our growing crypto market is excited about the potential for purpose and profit.

Change the world. And get rich in the process. Why not?!

Those bumps and bruises from 2018’s bear market will soon heal.

Yet founders and budget holders remain cautious to spend funds. Wisely balancing risk vs reward for long-term success.

Many know that cryptocurrency solutions are the de facto future of the global economy. Along with IoT devices, virtual reality, smart assistants, and so much more.

New Business Models

The convergence of trends such as blockchain and IoT in supply chain management is already leading to entirely new business models, such as Hitachi’s ‘Train-As-A-Service‘.

IoT sensors ensure efficiency run-time, earning Hitachi maximum revenue from its clients

Many also suspect that behind closed doors of major corporations there is a heavy focus on R&D. Preparing for battle with new product launches to help corner market segments as they develop.

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Prepared For Mass Adoption

Still… a majority of companies today are not feeling imminent pressure to integrate blockchain/crypto into their current operations. Why?

Because there are relatively few customers looking to spend crypto, or still very little real-world utility.

But that of course is the golden opportunity for startups that position themselves ahead of the coming tidal wave of adoption.

Word to the wise: We know it first hand that many well established companies are closely watching “pesky competitor startups” who are building crypto/blockchain solutions. Some crypto startups are already building impressive partner networks —proclaiming  their blockchain innovation as industry changing.

Are your competitors building crypto solutions behind your back?

You have to assume so — and act accordingly.

The Crypto Market Conundrum

Ultimately, ALL companies will look at crypto/blockchain as a significant competitive threat and something they ‘should get round to’. Many are still distracted by typical ‘digitalisation strategy’ to automate internal operations, while chasing short-term growth to prop up their numbers.

Pathfinders is producing a series of industry specific reports on the state of crypto competitiveness. If you are a crypto startup, or want to become one, contact us now to get on our dance card. Our clients are working on current growth plans and future projections for rapid scale as mass adoption builds traction.

Knowing your competitive ecosystem is a good starting point to prepare a strong differential advantage within our tiny little crypto community… just before it begins to mushroom beyond anything seen before due to those newly converging trends:  Blockchain, IoT, AR/VR… plus 4 billion or so people who are joining us on the Internet over the next few years.