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Building Your Business In The Crypto Economy

Market Insight, Business Analysis and Managed Services tailored for startups in the crypto economy​


Business analysis and strategic research to plan and manage your business and revenue models for sustainable growth and development.


End-to-end product lifecycle planning including value proposition design, customer journey mapping, and product team management.


From growth hacking to channel  management, turning brand concepts into real sales funnels and profitable customer engagement.

Save Time. Accelerate Success. Reduce Risk.

meet the team

Depth of experience. A force to be reckoned with in the crypto industry.

Sterlin is a well-respected player in the cryptocurrency industry. He has conducted guerrilla marketing and empathetic communications on behalf, and has access to a vast network of crypto professionals. He specializes in crafting sleek messages, developing business strategies, and marketing contrarian ideas to the world. Sterlin is an entrepreneur and creator at heart.



Jeremiah first invested in bitcoin in 2013 and discovered an industry that aligns with his heart-felt mission of worldwide economic freedom via decentralization. For over 15 years, Jeremiah has developed marketing expertise from a variety of roles, including CMO, Head of Marketing, eCommerce Director, Web Marketing Director, SEO Manager, Product Marketing Manager, Senior Copywriter and Head of Digital in various sectors, both B2C and B2B. 

Securing Your Crypto Assets In the Face of Hackers and Market Catastrophes (Part 1)



Most crypto startups are struggling. They may raise big funds but get stuck in technical details, a rushed business model, or lack product launch expertise.

There is a small window of opportunity to scale big and fast... to outmanoeuvre the competition before new startups or established companies muscle in on your territory. 

That’s where we come in. As an extension of your team we can help you accelerate success and reduce risks with a strategic framework for strategic planning, market insight, product development, and go-to market execution.

We partner with exceptional people in our global network to provide bespoke solutions for any blockchain business situation:

Tech Advisor

Marketing Advisor

Research Analyst

Blockchain Advisor

Commercial Advisor

Campaign Advisor

Funnel Advisor

Legal Advisor

Meet A Pathfinders' Advisor:

Philip Plough, Pangea Blockchain Fund. Technology Investor, Blockchain Industry Professional, VR/AR Producer

measurable commitments, not just IDEAS

Most agencies or advisers provide a feature-list of services and bill you for hours or 'expertise'. We work differently. Using our Framework, we'll design a strategic approach based on a situational assessment that measurably moves you towards your vision of sustainable real-world growth. 

Crypto Companies We've Worked With:

Request A Proposal Today

Request A Proposal Today

Pilot Study for Non-Crypto Companies

Raise Funds (ICO/IEO/VC)

Launch Your Product

Optimise Customer Campaigns
Understand Your Competitive Landscape

Plan A Growth Marketing Budget
Strengthen Your Community
Profile Your Customer
Hire A Winning Team

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